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Admissions & Registration
  • Admission and Registration

Welcome to join the Institute of Plant Biology (IPB), National Taiwan University. Whether you are enrolled through any channels, e.g., Admissions Examinations, Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students, Entrance Committee for Mainland Chinese Students, International Admissions, Direct Admission, Transfer to IPB, etc. The first thing to do after receiving the offer letter and completing the registration is to select the laboratory advisor.

The teaching goal of the IPB is to train scientific research and development talents to solve biological-related problems, emphasizing experimental evidence, and completing a dissertation.

Therefore, all graduate students need to find an advisor who will provide experimental guidance and necessary materials in his/her laboratory.

Freshmen are asked to browse the research expertise of our faculties, and use emails or on-site visiting the faculties in person. Once you and the faculty agree to be your advisor. Please sign at the "Research Advisor Selection Form"plan A, and return to the office of the IPB (Room 307).
In case there is no agreed laboratory, please use the plan B of the above Form, and fill in the wishes of the three advisors and assign them to the office (Room 307).

Study Plan
  • Study Plan

National Taiwan University provides a liberal environment to accommodate various opinions and encourages students to discuss study (course plan) with their advisors. Basically, graduate-level courses can be recognized as graduation credits by our institute. The graduate-level courses refer to the course identification code (see National Taiwan University Course Website ). The English characters of the fifth to last digit are U, M, D. For example, "B42 U 0100", "B42 M 0020", and "B42E D 0030" these three courses are all courses of graduate-level or higher.
Freshmen must also complete the
< Research Ethics Course > , please read the regulations carefully.

Credit transfer application must be completed by the above deadline. Please check the website.

  • Years of study

  • Necessary items

  1. Master class​: The length of study is one to four years, and at leasttwenty fourcredit. It includes 4 credits of symposium on compulsory projects, 4 credits of special research, and 2 credits of special lecture on plant science.(Master class starts in the second semester)

  2. Ph.D class: ​ The duration of study is two to seven years, at least18Credit​. It includes 6 credits of symposium on compulsory projects, 6 credits of special research, and 4 credits of plant science after passing the qualification examination.(The doctoral class starts in the first semester, and the summer report. Before the end of the second academic year of the doctoral class, a doctoral class qualification examination is required, and documents are required (1) (2))

  3. Fresh graduates with a bachelor's degree or a master's degree from National Taiwan University: at least complete30credit. It includes 8 credits of symposium on compulsory projects and 8 credits of special research. After passing the qualification examination, you need to take 4 credits of Special Topics in Plant Science​.(Ph.D. class in the first semester, summer report)

Contact the research and teaching group for the relevant regulations of Jingsheng<Principles> Jingbo Award Contact R&D Office<award>

Students in the master and doctoral program are required to attend the doctoral program progress report at the end of each summer (end of August and early September), and those who have obtained the qualifications of doctoral candidates (pass the qualification examination) must report on the stage every year.

Before graduating, you must participate in the dissertation poster contest organized by the College of Life Sciences (end of May)

Must complete the < Research Ethics Course > and compulsory credits in accordance with the regulations before graduation

  • ​ Degree exam

  • Petition form:

​        ​Master’s program requires more than one semester of study, doctoral program requires more than three semesters of study, and those who are pursuing a doctorate degree directly need to study for more than three semesters of doctoral program. And have completed all the required courses and required credits, and participated in the academic paper poster competition of the School of Life Sciences and completed the first draft of the paper. (PhD students should pass the qualification examination first)

  • Application period:

       The first semester starts from the start date of the calendar and ends on November 30; the second semester starts from the start date of the calendar and ends on April 30. If you want to cancel the degree examination, you must fill out the "Application for Degree Examination Cancellation" and sign it before the end of the semester, and then hand it over to the research and teaching team.

​​​​※If the school fails to accept the package after the deadline, it will result in a delay in graduation, so please submit it to the office before the specified date.

  • Information to be submitted:

        Before the deadline, please go to the NTU MyNTU website "Application for Master's and Doctoral Degree Examinations" to apply, print out the application form for the thesis oral examination, and send it to the institute after being signed by the supervisor.

  • Homework before the oral exam:

        After submitting the above materials to the office, please fill in the list of oral examination committee members in the "Graduation Package", and submit it to the office at the latest two weeks before the degree examination. Before the oral test, you need to collect the materials needed on the day of the oral test from the office.

          Submit the list of oral committee members two weeks before the oral exam. At the same time, please provide the date and location of your oral exam so that you can make appointments for classroom assignments.

          Three to five members are required for the master’s program committee list, at least one member outside the institute, and at least two other than the supervisor and co-supervising professor; five to nine members are required for the list of doctoral program committee members, at least one member outside the institute, and the supervisor At least four other than professors and co-advising professors.

         Oral test documents:

​          (1) National Taiwan University master's/doctoral degree examination paper (1 piece of oral examination record sheet)

          (2) Grading sheets for master's and doctoral dissertation exams (several sheets for as many oral exam committee members as there are)

          (3) Receipt of the oral examination committee's request for payment (there are several oral examination committee members)

          (4) Letter of Appointment from National Taiwan University (there are as many as there are oral examination committee members)

          (5) Degree Oral Examination Approval Letter (in the file "Thesis Format and Degree Oral Examination Approval-Students", type it out by yourself)

  • To be returned after the oral test:

​         National Taiwan University master's/doctoral degree examination paper (oral examination record form)

         The oral examination committee asks for a payment receipt (you need to fill in the correct bank account, code and signature before returning it)

  • ​ Leave school

Dissertation Library

  1. Please follow the library regulations for submitting the thesis: please log in to the electronic dissertation service system of the school, enter the basic information of the dissertation, upload the full-text electronic file of the dissertation, and sign the authorization letter, and then submit the paper dissertation and authorization at the library of your campus. The original book. <Library Teaching Links>

  2. Upload files can be PDF files, Word files, etc.

  3. After the file is uploaded, the library approximatelytwo working daysAfter the review is completed and the review is correct, the system will automatically send an e-mail notification.

  4. The letter of authorization will be sent to the postgraduate email address along with the e-mail. Please print the letter of authorization and sign it yourself, and take the original letter of authorization and the thesis to the library to go through the formalities of leaving school.

  5. The system will automatically send an e-mail notification if the review fails. Please correct the wrong items or re-upload the electronic file as soon as possible. For detailed assignment instructions and frequently asked questions, please refer to the library's electronic dissertation service webpage.

  6. Deadline for submitting electronic files of papersThe first semester is before 2/15, and the second semester is before 8/20.

  7. Before leaving school, please hand in 2 hardcover or paperback volumes of the graduation thesis to the general map, and go through the school leaving procedures.

※If you cannot pay immediately, please go to the office before the deadline to fill in the "Application form for those who have passed the degree examination and are not graduating this semester", you should still register for the next semester, and fill in the "Application for Graduation This Semester Has Passed the Degree Examination". After submitting the thesis, you can graduate in this semester.

Documents required in the office upon leaving school

1. Please go to NTU MyNTU firstGraduate Leaving Procedures System"Online processing, no need for paper school leaving procedures.

2. Submit the "Dissertation Academic Ethics and Originality Statement".
3. Please sign the letter of consent to leave school to the instructor, and then send it to the office of the Institute of Plant Sciences for processing.
4. At the same time, provide the alumni contact information

※If you are still unclear, please contact the Institute of Plant Sciences.

※Related website:National Taiwan University Academic Affairs Office(Download each related form)

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