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Scholarship and bursary

Physician Chen Shifeng
Physician Chen Shifeng is an alumnus of the institute and is currently practicing in Yonghe.
He generously donates scholarships and grants, giving priority to helping students in financial need.

Please refer to the attached file for application method and required documents.
Interested applicants, please, before 17:00 pm on 10/28 (Fri),
Send all documents "on paper" to the office.

Students are welcome to apply!

Scholarship of Institute of Plant Biology Alumni

Awardee of 2017:
Junyan Chen, Institute of Plant Biology
Research: Structural basis of jasmonate-amido synthetase FIN219 in complex with glutathione S-transferase FIP1 during the JA signal regulation
Caimeng Ying, Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary
Reaserch: Floral morphs and seed production from hand-pollination in a population of Oxalis corymbosa in Taiwan

Professor Chen Yiming
Memorial Scholarship

Awardee of 2020
Huang Xunxian, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Awardee of 2018
Zhong-He Yu, Institute of Plant Biology

Awardee of 2017
Lin Peideng, Institute of Plant Biology

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