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Domain Expertise Module: Directional Exploration

NTU's domain expertise module is Shrimp Mi?
Different from the list-based course selection model, the domain expertise module emphasizes a clear main axis of course series and the relationship between courses.
Each module consists of four to five courses, approximately 12 to 15 credits, with an auto-fill specialization in the Diploma.
This provides clearer course guidance, allowing students to explore in a directional or cross-field, reserve a more solid and diverse "scholarly ability", and lay the foundation for career development or graduate school.

Tropical Leaves

Module Course Structure

Level 1

plant physiology

Level 2

plant growth and development

​Level 3

[Method and Application]
plant molecular biology
Research methods

Level 4

Latest Trends in Plant Science
& Green Biotechnology


National Taiwan University's first research institute
Introduced Domain Expertise Modules

The first specialization program offered by graduate institute in NTU!

Students must have taken general biology or general botany first, and have an understanding of the relevant vocabulary and mechanisms, and then take field specialization courses.
Prerequisite courses such as General Biology or General Botany is strongly recommended.

The starting semesters of the four-level courses are listed as follows. Although there is no restriction on the order of courses, if you want to complete the courses within one year, it is recommended that you complete level 1 Plant Physiology in the fall courses of the sophomore year and above, and the spring courses can smoothly transition to level 1. twenty three. Level 4 interdisciplinary courses are suitable for any semester
Four levels of the program courses and their [curriculum #] and (credits) are listed below.


There is no restriction on the order of courses. For students  who prefer to accomplish in one year, they are recommend to enroll level 1 course in Fall, thereby level 2 & 3 can be  smoothly connected in Spring. Besides, level 4 can be done in either semester.

Level 1
[LS3016/B01 32410]
Plant Physiology (3)


Both fall and spring semesters are offered, you can choose either fall or spring semester


◤ Provide basic introductory knowledge to help students understand the basic knowledge of the field.

Level 2
Plant Growth and Development (3)

Spring (Second Semester) spring semester

◤Connect theory and application to adjust crop growth and fruiting state, and understand its molecular mechanism.

Level 3
[PlBio5021/B42 U1210]
Methods in Plant Molecular Biology Research (2)


Spring (Second Semester) spring semester

◤ Acquire practical techniques and analytical methods in a short time

Level 4
[LS2029/B01 25030]
Trends in Plant Science (2)
(first semester) fall semester

[LS2032/B01 25060]
Green Biotechnology Green Biotechnology (2)

(Second semester) spring semester


◤ Look at cross-domain problems from a theoretical perspective, and think about possible solutions concurrently.


The duration of each course of expertise in this field does not overlap. It is suitable for the second year to the fourth year of the senior year, and can also be completed in one year.
You may finish this module in one academic year if you study hard.

So far we make one course taught in English, say Trends in Plant Science.
Others are bilingual.


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