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​NTU Plant Science R&D Greenhouse

The National Taiwan University Plant Cultivation Greenhouse is located in the northeast corner of the campus. It adopts a double-layer design and is managed and operated by the Institute of Plant Science, School of Life Sciences. It contains general greenhouses, environmental control greenhouses, and precision greenhouses to create excellent plant research materials growth and cultivation facilities for teachers and students. It can reach the specifications for field trials of gene transfer. It is indispensable for planning precision agriculture and cutting-edge plant biotechnology. Infrastructure construction is suitable for various research experiments. Welcome to contact the administrator 3366-2525 Mr. Tang Download the application form.doc [ .pdf ]

Precision greenhouse

Adversity precision greenhouse X 1
Precision greenhouse X 3

General greenhouse

Environmental control greenhouse X 1 general greenhouse X 6

Greenhouse / Facility
Light / Brightness
Rank / Size
一般溫室 A
R / W / W / B (0 ~ 100)
150 x 600 (cm) x 2 (架)
一般溫室 B
R / W / W / B (0 ~ 100)
150 x 600 (cm) x 2 (架)
一般溫室 C
R / W / W / B (0 ~ 100)
150 x 600 (cm) x 2 (架)
一般溫室 D
R / W / W / B (0 ~ 100)
150 x 600 (cm) x 2 (架)
一般溫室 E
R / W / W / B (0 ~ 100)
150 x 480 (cm) x 2 (架)
一般溫室 F
R / W / W / B (0 ~ 100)
150 x 480 (cm) x 2 (架)
環控溫室 G
R / W / W / B (0 ~ 100)
150 x 600 (cm) x 2 (架)
精密溫室 P
高強度白光 >1000 µmol/m2s @ 15 cm
57 x 120 (cm)x 9 (架)
精密溫室 Q
FR / R / G / B (0 ~ 100)
57 x 120 (cm)x 4 (層) x 9 (架)
精密溫室 R
一般白光 >400 µmol/m2s @ 15 cm
57 x 120 (cm)x 10 (架)
逆境精溫 S
FR / R / G / B (0 ~ 100)
57 x 120 (cm)x 4 (層) x 3 (架)

The general greenhouse is supported by natural sunlight, and the intensity of the light trap at night is 25-50 µMol/s-m2 when R / W / W / B = 100%

The Precision Greenhouse adopts artificial LED light 350-500 µMol/s-m2 when FR / R / G / B = 100%

[Additional choice] Precision Greenhouse high-intensity white light 1000 µMol/s-m2 @ 15cm when intensity = 100% (400-700 nm)

[Additional choice] Precision Greenhouse general white light 400 µMol/s-m2 @ 15cm when intensity = 100% (400-700 nm)

Essentials of Greenhouse Management for Plant Cultivation at National Taiwan University

Application requirements
Anyone who intends to use this greenhouse must submit an application before use, and use it after approval by the Greenhouse Management Committee. The application procedures and related regulations are as follows:
Applications for the use of greenhouses are made twice a year, and applications are filed in January and July each year. The use period of each application is limited to one year, and the management committee agrees. If there is a temporary demand, it can be used after the approval of the management committee.

Regulations for use
Everyone who uses this greenhouse and growth chamber must comply with the following regulations:

  1. The greenhouse is equipped with card access control, which is managed by the administrator.

  2. Please contact the administrator to change the usage area before changing the usage area

  3. If plants are placed in unregistered areas, they will be removed.

  4. Do not stack flowers, soil and related laboratory items in the greenhouse. Please bring the sundries back to the laboratory by yourself.

  5. The user is responsible for the disposal of waste

  6. Except for the areas specially planned by the management committee, the plants moved into the greenhouse are strictly limited to the seedlings and the seedlings removed from the culture medium on the same day, and no plants can be moved from other greenhouses or planting sites.

  7. In order to prevent possible pests and diseases, users should avoid going to other greenhouses or other areas where pests and diseases may occur before entering the greenhouse on the same day.

  8. The culture soil/substrate used must be sterilized. When using the preparation room to process sterilized soil and equipment, it must be registered on the use registration form, and the area that has been cleaned and used afterwards should be cleaned at the end. The administrator has the right to control the use of the preparation room.

  9. To enter the precision greenhouse area, you need to change into special slippers and laboratory clothes.

  10. During the test period, if the plant is contaminated by pests and diseases, the administrator should be notified as soon as possible, and the plant should be removed on the same day.

  11. The administrator may require the user to remove the plant depending on the pollution situation. If it is determined that it cannot be cured, the management committee instructs the user to destroy it as soon as possible, close the clearance, and announce the opening date after the pesticide is cleaned. The user shall not object.

  12. From January 1 to 15 of each year is the annual rest (repair) period, users should clear all the venues.

National Taiwan University Plant Cultivation Greenhouse Charging Standards

According to the resolution of the Greenhouse Management Committee
     The operation of the greenhouse is based on the principle of self-financing, and the charging standard is determined by the greenhouse management committee.

The charging standards for use are as follows:

  • General greenhouses (A, B, C, D, E, F) are equipped with a water curtain cooling system and must have light supplement facilities.

The planting bed frame/area is priced at a unit of 150 * 120 cm per month

Fee rate: 1,000 yuan within the School of Biological Sciences, 1,500 yuan for other units on campus.

  • The environmental control greenhouse (G) is equipped with an air-conditioning cooling system, a fill light panel, and a humidifying device.

The planting shelf is priced at a unit of 150 * 120 cm per month

Fee rate: 1,500 yuan in the School of Biological Sciences, 2,500 yuan in other units on campus.

  • The precision greenhouse (P, Q, R, S) is equipped with air conditioning cooling system, fill light panel, and humidification device.

The planting shelf is priced at a unit of 57 * 120 cm per floor per month

Fee rate: 1,500 yuan in the School of Biological Sciences, 2,500 yuan in other units on campus.

If this greenhouse has leeway for teaching and research, it can be rented out and used by units outside the campus and on campus.

Greenhouse Floor Plan and Overview of Greenhouse Facility

溫室設備概況 (3)
溫室設備概況 (1)
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