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For the 110th academic year doctoral program recruitment schedule and outline announcement, please contact < NTU Registration System >  

Instructions for joint recruitment of three doctoral programs including the Institute of Plant Biology in the 110th academic year (section of the Institute of Plant Biology)

1. The detail of the oral entrance exam's date, time and location are listed as follows:


1. Place of oral exam:

National Taiwan University, No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei City

Meeting Room (Room 327) on the third floor of the Life Science Building

(See )

2. Registration time: May 07, 2022 (Friday) 08:50 am in the third floor of the Life Science Building

3. Please bring the "Admission Ticket" and the "Original copy of ID Card", and "Applicant's Health Declaration Affidavit" (download from Registration System) to attend the exam.

4. The oral entrance exam time for each candidate is approximately 30 minutes. Please prepare a 10-15 minutes slide of the research project.

5. The presentation file format of the oral entrance exam should be Microsoft PowerPoint or compatible. For other formats, please bring your own computer and adapter. The interface of the projection device is an HDMI terminal.

6. Candidates' reference schedule:

7. For the new regulations on COVID-19 pandemic prevention and the health care questionnaire, please refer to the announcement of the NTU Registration System.

2. Contact person of this oral entrance exam: Mr. Thomas Tang

Contact number: +886-2-3366-2525

Website: or

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