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Botanical Garden Newsletter

Editor-in-chief's words2019/05/06

Hello, all alumni

Botanical Garden Newsletter No. 3 is published

While studying at National Taiwan University, all alumni have been inspired by scientific research, regardless of whether they are directly related to their future careers, but believe that the curriculum requirements of the teachers at school and the rigorous design of the experiment will definitely be useful for thinking and solving problems in the future. help. After graduation, everyone found their own path in life and continued to move forward. It must be happy to have the opportunity to go back to school and chat with old classmates.

The content of this issue contains "The Whole Story of the World's Tree Disc Cross Section of the Life Science Museum of National Taiwan University" written by Professor Xie Changfu;

Alumni who graduated in 1969 returned to school to gather together;

Professor Huang Zengquan’s Travels in West Sumatra-Visiting Nepenthes and Rafflesia;

Alumni column-my retired volunteer career;

Interview with Dr. Zhihan Zhang, a new teacher in the School of Life Sciences;

The "campus impression" of the campus bit by bit.

Welcome to forward and download

Chief Editor Zheng Yisheng Wang Yajun

Note: The content of the third issue has been slightly revised, and the revised version of 20190610 is online for viewing and downloading

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