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National Taiwan University Institute of Plant Biology Consent Statement for Personal Information Collection

In order to implement the protection of personal data, we will notify you before collection in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act

Tel: 886-2-33662525~6
Fax: 886-2-23918940
Address: Room 307, National Taiwan University Life Science Building, No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 10617

1. Purpose and use of personal data collection: The Institute of Plant Science will use the email or contact number provided by you, alumni, to notify you of activities related to the unit. Or, with your own consent, choose to disclose your contact information to (1) graduating alumni in the same class, or (2) previous graduating alumni.
2. The contact information of alumni is limited to be filled out and provided by the person himself. If the provider is provided by others, it is necessary to confirm the legality of the source of the data before processing and using their personal data.
3. Types of personal data collected: Chinese name*, email address*, institution, school, department, department, job title, contact number, and contact address (* is required, the rest are optional).
4. Period, region and object of use of personal data: (1) Period: You agree that from the date of filling in the report to the date of requesting deletion in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Information Law, the Institute of Plant Science will keep your personal data for the purposes of this document. It is used by units and upstream agencies to inquire and confirm certificates. (2) Region: Your personal data will be used in the regions where the Institute of Plant Science operates. (3) Target: The person who provided the contact information, or the alumni who selected the degree of publicity.
5. According to Article 3 of the Personal Information Law, alumni themselves may exercise the following rights within the storage period of personal data: (1) Inquiry or request for viewing. (2) Request to make copies. (3) Request for additions or corrections. (4) Request to stop collecting, processing or utilizing. (5) Request to delete.

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