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National Taiwan University Institute of Botany Consent Statement for Collection of Personal Information
  • In order to implement the protection of personal data, notification before collection is carried out in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act.


1. Purpose and use of personal information collection: The Institute of Plant Science will use the email or contact number provided by the alumni yourself.Notify you of activity information related to this unit. Or, with your consent, choose to make your contact information public(1) Alumni who graduated from the same class, or (2) alumni who graduated from previous classes.
2. Alumni contact information is limited tomyselfThe statement is filled in and provided. If someone else provides the information on your behalf, we must confirm the legality of the source of the information before we can process and use the personal information.
3. Categories of personal information collected:Chinese name*, email address*, the school, department, department, unit, professional title, contact number, and contact address where you work or study (* is required, the rest are optional).
Four,Period, region, and objects of use of personal data(1) Period: You agree that from the date of filling in the report to the date of request for deletion in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Information Law, the Institute of Phytology will store your personal information for the purpose of inquiry and confirmation by this unit and the upward authorities. (2) Region: Your personal data will be used in the regions where the Institute of Phytology operates. (3) Target audience: The person who provides contact information, or the alumni who select the corresponding level of disclosure.
5. According to Article 3 of the Personal Information Law,Alumni may exercise the following rights regarding their personal data within the retention period:(1) Inquiry or request for reading. (2) Request a copy. (3) Request for additions or corrections. (4) Request to stop collection, processing or use. (5) Request for deletion.

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