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National Taiwan University Friends of Plants @ NTU



09:00 Check in

09:30 Old Story-Lecture 1:

Old, young and middle-aged alumni of the Department of Botany

10:00 Old photos meat search:

Exploring the youthful images of famous people

10:30 Recalling that year-Lectures 2 and 3:

Alumni past


12:00 Have fun with century-old cultural relics + lunch:

Utensils and antiques that accompanied the school years

13:30 Elegance and talent of Botanical Garden  + Plasmodesmata:

Cell Linking of Plant "Lines"

<Bring your address book, and see which one has the most people? Redeemable exquisite gifts>

14:30 Guided tour of the Herbarium


Welcome to the Department of Botany,
Alumni of the Department  returning to school on
9:00 am
Meet in Hall One

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