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Three-Minute Thesis

2020 Three-Minute Biology Essay Speaking Competition

Competition date: November 7, 109 (Saturday)

​Venue: Lecture Hall 332, 3rd Floor, Life Science Building, National Taiwan University

Event Description



  1. ​Life science related university students, masters, and doctoral students

  2. The main teachers of the Institute of Life Sciences Relations hire full-time and part-time research assistants and post-doctoral researchers who are still working

  3. Those who meet one of the above qualifications and have personal research results (the content of the paper is limited to personal research)

  4. ​Participants who have participated in this event and have won prizes are not allowed to participate again


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[North Area Range]

  1. The main scope is universities and colleges in Taipei, New Taipei City, Keelung City, and Taoyuan City (including research institutions such as the University of Science and Technology, Academia Sinica)

  2. ​According to the wishes of the contestants, non-North District (North North Key Tao) school institutions can also participate in cross-regional competitions, but only one of the four districts can participate in the competition. Repeated entries are not allowed

​Game rules



  1. The order of entries will be determined by the organizer's draw (will be announced 3 days before the event)

  2. The timing starts when you step into the designated frame of the game. Only 3 minutes, any exceeding will be treated as a disqualification

  3. Only verbal reports are allowed, and no equipment and aids are allowed (the organizer will provide microphones and presentation pens)

  4. Only a single static slide can be displayed (no other visual and audio equipment can be used to assist the performance)

  5. Chinese is the designated language (proper nouns can be expressed in original text)

  6. At the same time, the order will be decided by the evaluation, and the final decision will be based on the results announced by the evaluation.

Notes for registration



  1. The preliminaries of the North District have 30 places. The registration order is based on the registration website. The registration period is from August 31, 109 (Mon) to October 9 (Fri) at 5 pm, and will not be accepted after the deadline. After successful registration, please send the required documents as soon as possible, otherwise it will be deemed as unsuccessful registration, and the quota will be released to the standby

  2. Each registrant is limited to one slide (it can be modified and uploaded multiple times, and the last slide is used for the competition) . Violators shall be notified by the court to complete the project within the time limit specified by the court. If the intention to withdraw the case is expressed, if the application is not expressed within the time limit, this court will not accept all applications

  3. The deadline for submission of changes to the video submission is October 23, 109 (Friday) at 5 p.m.

  4. Please do not display the content of the entrant’s identity (such as school badge), such as the research unit, school department and personal information of the participant, in the slideshow

  5. In order to respect the intellectual property rights of others, please do not use unauthorized pictures and images to make slides

Notes for registration



The following documents should be prepared for registration (please download from the attachment of this webpage):

  1. Chinese abstract (click me to download) and the supervising professor's signature are limited to 1 page of A4 (marked with 14 fonts and 20 line spacing)

  2. For a single slideshow, the file size is limited to 1MB. In order to maintain the projection quality, please make the slideshow with a length and width of 4:3

  3. Personal data provide consent form (click me to download, please sign and scan) the above 3 data are digitized (pdf file) and uploaded

Please bring the original abstract and consent form on the day! Incomplete or overdue content will not be accepted and will not be returned

Reward method



​[North District Preliminary]

​ A total of 10 contestants will enter the finals, all with a bonus of NT$5,000

[National Final Prize]

First place, with a bonus of NT$30,000, one place

Second place, with a bonus of NT$20,000, one place

Third place, with a bonus of NT$10,000, one place

Optimum, the bonus is NT 8,000 yuan, participating in the name

Online vote popular king, bonus NT$5,000, one winner

This event is co-organized by the Institute of Plant Science

​Contact number: (02) 3366-2528

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