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​Thesis Poster Contest

The second competition was changed to an online competition due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic


2021/05/28 (Friday)

Estimated 10:00~12:30, please go online early.


Divide into 3 groups and proceed simultaneously. Each person will report for 10 minutes and accept questions for about 10 minutes.

The meeting link and password for entrance will sent to the whole institute the day before competition, providing all students in the institute to watch online.


The poster is mainly in PDF format, and the layout should be horizontal with the aspect ratio of 16:9. 128 × 72 cm is recommended, and the logo of the Institute of Plant Biology is required on the poster. When competing, students need to share their files or full screen by the meeting software. The poster size should be able to zoom to facilitate viewing the details. Hence, please pay attention to the resolution by yourself

It is recommended to test your hardware performance in advance, including video camera, microphone, network connection speed, etc.
This year, we have established 2 Outstanding Awards, 3 Excellent Awards, and 4 Honorable Mention Awards in the online contest of thesis and posters of our institute. The winners of the Outstanding Award will report as the Dean's Award for the academic year. The above-mentioned prizes and certificates will be awarded at the graduation/turning tassels ceremony of our institute. If the graduation ceremony cannot be held, we will find another time for the award.

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